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we need to talk. this is it.. for now anyway. method of necrosis is on hiatus of indefinite duration. i know, i know. it's not you, it's me. it's nobody's fault. we've grown apart, and we want different things. i love you, but i'm not _in_ love with you. we can still be friends though. in seriousness though, i'm not hanging up my guitar, and i'm not on some quest to obliterate everything i've ever done. but the mofn creative process has grinded to a halt, and you guys deserve to know. i want to thank you for all your support - you guys have been great. in appreciation i've put up a final redesign of the method of necrosis website: there's some history, and some commentary on our songs, and some free mp3s. the store is still going to be up, and i'll still sell anybody that's interested a cd. if you want one of those square moire pattern stickers though (you know, the ones you got for necromania pictures), i'm selling them off 2 for $1. go ahead and get 'em now, because when i run out i'm not going to restock. me and rob are both still writing and playing, and i can't speak for him, but you can be damn sure you haven't heard the last from me. hope you have a nice life.
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