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There's good news, and there's bad news. The bad news first:

We're out of the moire stickers, and we're out of copies of Nitrogen Narcosis. If you meant to get one of either (or both, for that matter) and never got around to it, I'm really sorry.

Now for the good news though.

5 of the 6 tracks on Nitrogen Narcosis, AND several other tracks are all available for download FREE at ReverbNation.com

Method of Necrosis

And if you're really dying for a sticker or some such, we DO still have all the stuff at the cafepress still available.


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we need to talk. this is it.. for now anyway. method of necrosis is on hiatus of indefinite duration. i know, i know. it's not you, it's me. it's nobody's fault. we've grown apart, and we want different things. i love you, but i'm not _in_ love with you. we can still be friends though. in seriousness though, i'm not hanging up my guitar, and i'm not on some quest to obliterate everything i've ever done. but the mofn creative process has grinded to a halt, and you guys deserve to know. i want to thank you for all your support - you guys have been great. in appreciation i've put up a final redesign of the method of necrosis website: http://www.methodofnecrosis.com there's some history, and some commentary on our songs, and some free mp3s. the cafepress.com store is still going to be up, and i'll still sell anybody that's interested a cd. if you want one of those square moire pattern stickers though (you know, the ones you got for necromania pictures), i'm selling them off 2 for $1. go ahead and get 'em now, because when i run out i'm not going to restock. me and rob are both still writing and playing, and i can't speak for him, but you can be damn sure you haven't heard the last from me. hope you have a nice life.
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audioscrobbler / last.fm

do you use it? i installed it forever ago and then kind of forgot about it. it's a blatant invasion of privacy, but that's a good thing. basically, you download their plug-in for your favorite media player and it keeps a record of what music tracks you listen to. then it builds a database from that of what people with your tastes also listen to, so it makes incredibly accurate recommendations.

.. or rather, it would if kitty didn't use my winamp more than i did.

anyway, roundabout, if you've got our cd or mp3s; go get it, and then listen to our stuff. it's a completely free way to support me by making me look more popular than i am, and you get something out of it, too..

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fifth post in six months.. yeah.. this place is really picking up.

click it

it's a what i have finished of a new track, thought you might be interested. also, if you already listened to it once at myspace, you may want to listen again; i've added some to it since that was posted.
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mofn on the web

more than likely, you know about our website at www.methodofnecrosis.com

and quite obviously you know about the livejournal community.

however, there's several other places around the web we've signed up for over time. the ones i can remember at the moment are:

this was actually around before the website. it's extremely seldomly updated since there's no real point to it.

listen to streaming audio and look at pretty pictures (not that there are many).

and finally, what i'm actually making this post for. we've got a myspace account up and running now. expect mp3s up soon.
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updates here have been far and in between. i aim to change that. as the first day of the rest of this community's life, i offer this; a minute-long movie of us being us and drawing the winner of the gris gris giveaway:

click here, stupid
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so who are you?

even though i know you guys, i know some of you don't know each other, or may just vaguely remember someone from the forum. feel free to introduce yourself or post a cute little survey.
i'm a bunny

method of necrosis livejournal community


good evening fellow necromaniacs.

what is this?
it's a community for the ambient / industrial / noise pollution band method of necrosis.

why is it here?
predominantly as a way for fans to keep up with us as easily as possible, and to keep up with eachother.

who can join?
anyone, membership is open for a reason. feel free to sign up and invite your friends.

what are the rules?
other than those set forth by livejournal, there are none.

how do i join?
click here.

after i join, how do i post?
like this.


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